Daniel Heinze| Sous Chef

Daniel Heinze - Sous Chef

“Working under Sean Brock has been a real learning experience, and I have learned so much,” Heinze says. “I’m also enjoying being a leader in the kitchen now, as the team that we have is really great.”

A native of Vero Beach, FL, Heinze’s career path took a slight twist after he worked as a server in a restaurant and realized it wasn’t for him. “The workers in the kitchen where I was working at the time inspired me to want to further my career in food and the culinary world,” he notes. Leaving the front of the house for the back, Heinze enrolled at Johnson & Wales University in Miami, from which he received his associate’s degree in culinary arts.
After school, Heinze worked for two years as head line cook under Chef Norman Van Aken at Norman’s in Miami before relocating to Charleston, SC, and joining McCrady’s. As sous chef, Heinze, 28, assists in managing the kitchen, leads the kitchen team each night, and handling such duties as training and inventory. Naturally, he is also an integral part of the culinary team that creates new dishes for the menu—an aspect that remains an exciting challenge. “I really enjoy the freedom and the restrictions we have when we are creating new dishes,” Heinze notes. “It really teaches you how to be disciplined in what you are doing—both inside the kitchen and out.”
When he is not in the McCrady’s kitchen, Heinze enjoys reading cookbooks, heading to the beach, or going out to dinner around Charleston.


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