Join Chef Brock to help end childhood hunger at the Share Our Strength dinner July 13.  Click here to learn more.  To make reservations and purchase tickets visit Share our Strength.  

Dine with Chef Brock at Thornhill Farms September 26th for the Outstanding in the Field North American Tour 2010.  Buy tickets now.

Join Chef Brock at Blackberry farm on June 27 – 30 for an exciting 3-day “Brock Party” journey into the world of food and wine. Click here for more details and Visit the Blackberry Farm website at www.blackberryfarm.com or join the online community at www.blackberryfarmfriends.com. Contact the reservations department for more information or to make a reservation 865) 273 6004  Click here to learn more.

McCrady’s goes back in time to pre-prohibition cocktails and pricing.  Click here to learn more.